Kamani Plastic Industries manufactures quality H.D.P.E. Ropes, P P Rope, Fishing Twine, Monofilament HDPE Yarn, Twine & Niwar for general use, fisheries, engineering & construction, transport & shipping industries, stevedores, electricity boards, telephone department, sugar factories, defense and many more use.


  1. 3 Strand H.D.P.E. Ropes
  2. Poly Proplene Danline Rope
  3. H.D.P.E Twine




These ropes are manufactured from 100 % Virgin HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE raw material. The ropes are manufactured in world class extrusion and twisting machines.


 Product Characteristics :


  •  strong and durable

  •  chemical resistance

  •  unaffected by weather

  •  available in attractive colors


* Technical Specification


Custom made package size, length and weight can be manufactured according to specific requirements of customers.

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Poly Propylene Danline Rope

The most of the characteristic and process are same as H.D.P.E. ropes but the major difference is it made from 100% virgin poly propylene split film, instead of monofilament yarn.

These ropes being lighter and stronger by nature finds a lot of demand in international as well as local market.

* Technical Specification

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H.D.P.E Twine

H.D.P.E twine is made from 100% virgin H.D.P.E. material in the world class twisters.

It is widely used in fishing and other general purpose. The twine confirms to industries strictly quality standards.

  • Controlled elongation, hence better knot stability better shock absorption
  •  The construction of twine makes netting completely balanced and torque free.
  •  Available in attractive colors and various format like loop and reel.
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